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How To Cook Steak On Electric Hot Plate

Here is everything you need to know about how to cook steak on an electric hot plate for better taste and flavor.

Looking for different recipes that you can cook on an electric hot plate? Then, steak is the most famous food that you can cook on an electric hot plate. If you are thinking of inviting your friends to your home then cooking steak will be one of the best things you can do. The electric hot plate gives a rich flavor to the steak, which gives a crunchy and crispy brown sear to it.

Also, a better cooking recipe adds more taste to the food. A variety of steak recipes are available online but my recipe will surely give you a kinda restaurant flavor. Well, in this article, I have shared the method of how to cook steak on an electric hot plate for better taste and seasoning. Read the article carefully so that you can enjoy the restaurant taste simply at your home.

How To Cook Steak On Electric Hot Plate

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Cooking different kinds of food at home is a fun thing to do. Instead of just going outside to enjoy fast food you can simply cook similar food at your home. An electric hot plate provides better temperature consistency, which makes sure to cook food evenly. Also, it is better to use in comparison to traditional gas stoves. Steak is a famous fast food and people love eating it mostly when they go to a restaurant.

I like steak a lot and each time I go to restaurants I prefer ordering steaks for myself. After buying an electric plate for myself, I love trying different recipes at home that I like the most. Recently, I cooked steak on my electric hot plate and I was amazed after seeing the results. The steak was fully cooked because of the even temperature of the electric hot plate, which gives a luscious flavor.

If you are a steak lover too then you can cook it simply at your home without visiting the restaurant each time. The recipe that I have shared in this article is quite easy and you will just be amazed by the taste at the end. Continue reading the article to know how to cook steak on an electric hot plate in order to get tasty and spicy cooking results.

Method Of Cooking Steak On Electric Hot Plate

Method Of Cooking Steak On Electric Hot Plate
Method Of Cooking Steak On Electric Hot Plate

Here is my favorite recipe for steak on an electric hot plate, which will enhance the flavor and will provide you with the best taste. Following are the steps to cook steak on an electric hot plate.

  • Firstly, you have to defrost your steak for almost 30 to 60 minutes. It is important that you bring your steak to room temperature before cooking.
  • Secondly, preheat your electric hot pan so that it can distribute the heat equally.
  • Thirdly, you need to coat the electrical hot plate with a few drops of oil. Once the oil gets hot and the steam starts rising from it you have to put the steak on it. Make sure that you put the steak smoothly so that you do not get burned.
  • Let the steak cook for some time and then use the tongs to flip the side. You can change the side according to your likeness of thickness, color, and seared crust.
  • The temperature should be 140 Fahrenheit and you can even change some degrees during cooking.
  • Once you think that your steak is cooked accordingly you have to lower the temperature and wait for five minutes. During this time the steak will absorb all the moisture into the meat fibers, which will enhance its flavor.
  • Garnish it with your favorite sauce or butter for better presentation and taste.


Well, before you cook the steak it is important that you marinate it for almost an hour. All the sauces will be seasoned into the meat properly, which will give it a yummy taste. Also, after the steak is cooked you should turn off your electrical hot plate as it can cause fire or any damage.

Do check the temperature in order to prevent over-cooking. I prefer that when your steak becomes golden brown you should remove it from the plate as it is equally cooked and has good flavor. Preheating is necessary for equal cooking and perfect texture. Try to use butter at the end for better taste.


Can you cook steak on an electric hot plate?

If you own an electric hot plate then you can cook steak on it. The cooking results of food on an electric hot plate are just amazing because of the better taste and texture. Temperature setting is very important for required cooking results.

How long does it take to cook steak on a hot plate?

The cooking of steak basically depends upon people’s likeness or level of doneness. Some people want to keep it dry while some people want it juicy or half-cooked. So, it depends upon your preference but most people keep it for three to four minutes under an appropriate temperature.

What temperature should a hot plate be for steak?

The most appropriate temperature that you need to set for cooking steak is 400-450°F (204-232°C).

How many minutes do to cook a steak?

The cooking time depends upon your steak’s doneness. Some people cook it at rare, which is 11-120 degrees F, some do it on medium rare (120-125 degrees F), some at medium (123-135 degrees F), while some cook at the medium well (135-145 degrees F)


Well, I hope that now you get an idea of how to cook steak on an electric hot plate to enjoy a tasty meal. This recipe is very simple and the best thing is that it gives the flavor of the restaurant. Following the right recipe adds more flavor to your cooking. Now, you can invite your friends and prepare yummy foods for them in order to enjoy the most amazing flavor of the steak.