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True Induction TI-3B Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop, Three Burner Counter Inset, Black

  • May 20, 2019
  • 6 min read
True Induction TI-3B Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop, Three Burner Counter Inset, Black

Specifications for this item
Brand Name True Induction
Color Black
EAN 0684031145277
Fabric Type Glass
Height 3.5 inches
Included Components Outlet
Item Weight 25.0 pounds
Length 20.5 inches

The device is packed with high power ratings that can heat up all the heating elements at the same time. The device is built with the most modern design and is highly praised for its innovative technology and versatility. All the controls provided are placed separately for the three burners and that too in the simplest way possible. It’s design is made to drop in a countertop, to make a seamless, continuous surface. This device is also highly portable and apt for cooking in recreational vehicles.

About the Product

The TI-3B model has separate controls all assembled on the left bottom of the cooktop. The right burner is placed above the controls, and the other two are placed on the left. All the controls are touch enabled, and is built with their unique “EX control technology”. This makes the touch controls highly sensitive and very much responsive.

All the three burners are recognized by the white circles marked on the cooktop. There is an outer circle and an inner circle for each burner. The outer circle represents the maximum diameter of a pan surface that can be used to cook on top of the burner. The inner circle represents the minimum diameter of the utensil. Either way, the utensil used must have a flat bottom. The two burners on the left are 7” each and the one on the top right has a diameter of 9”. Since the induction based magnetic field is provided to the base of the utensil in all directions, the utensils can have a maximum of 10”

All burners have three different controls, but their keys are exactly the same in design. Three displays are provided for the burners. Each display shows the power, temperature, and timer value selected, so that the user can set the optimum ranges. To the side of the display is the “=/-” button that is used to change the values of the functions. The heat, temperature, and timer buttons are also provided along with it.


The whole device has a dimension of 23.25 inches width, 20.5 inches depth, and 2.5 inches height. The product weighs 18 pounds and the shipping weight is 23.8 pounds.
The product has a whopping power of 3300 Watts, out of which both the left burners can use a total of 1800 Watts, and the right single burner can use a power up to 1500 Watts.
The power sharing technology feature of this device helps all the burners to reach maximum power, while requiring only half the circuit capacity.
Unlike any other induction cooktop, this model has both the left side burners run on a 110V outlet, while the third heating element on the right requires another 220 Volt plug to heat it. The main thing to notify the electrician is that each plug must utilize its own separate dedicated 15 Ampere circuit breakers. Thus the total voltage rating of the device is 110 Volt/220 Volt/60 Hertz.
The whole surface of the cooktop is made up of a single piece of glass ceramic element that gives it a dignified look. Moreover, the surface becomes easy to clean by just rubbing a damp cloth all over the surface. The rest of the product is placed inside a high quality metal case. Other high quality materials like stainless steel, aluminium, enameled steel, cast iron are also used to manufacture this device.
A fan driven ventilation unit is placed under the device to drive the heat out of the device. Extreme care must be taken in placing the device for cooking, such that the vents are not blocked by any walls or such. This will cause damage to the device for sure.
The heat function has a preset value of level 5 written on the display. There are 10 different heat levels for the user to choose from. Pressing the “+/-” button will help in doing so. After selecting the required heat level, press the timer to set the desired time and start cooking.
If a particular temperature is needed to cook your food, you can select it by pressing the temperature function button. All the different heat levels are expressed in terms of temperature in this function. The temperature ranges from a minimum of 150 degrees to a maximum of 450 degrees F. There is a 30 degree increment between each temperature. The temperature ranges are 150F, 180F, 210F, 240F, 270F, 300F, 360F, 390F, 420F, 450F.The default value when the cooktop is turned on will be 270F.
Many sensors are integrated to this device to make it work smoothly. One of them is the pot recognition sensor. If there is no pot kept, and the induction cooktop is turned on, the device automatically goes to standby mode. The same happens if the pot placed is not induction compatible. The bottom of the pot placed must be made of magnetic material for the cooktop to recognize it. Such sensors help in saving a lot of electricity as well.
The overvoltage and undervoltage sensors help the device from getting fried from sudden voltage spikes and low voltages.

The Triple Burner | True Induction
The True Induction Triple Burner cooktop is one of the best induction cooktops on the market. This is the largest unit in the True Induction line with three burners, allowing you to cook more at a time. It also has the ability to be used as a counter inset or could as a portable unit.

The True Induction cooktops has multiple built-in safety features. One safety feature of this unit is the sensor that knows when a pot or pan is placed on the burner and when it is taken off. If you forget to turn the burner off but did remember to take the pot or pan off the burner, the cooktop will register this; after a stand-by time the cooktop will automatically turn off allowing for a safer cooking environment.

True Induction cooktops use a magnetic based technology that only allows the cookware to heat up. This provides an energy efficient cooking process while also saving you time and money. When purchasing the optimal cookware for the induction cooktop, it is best to make sure the bottom is flat with a diameter between 4.5″ to 10″ inches. To test if the cookware that you already have is compatible with the induction cooktop, simply place a magnet on the bottom. If the magnet sticks then your cookware is compatible. This unit also has a glass ceramic top which allows for an easy cleaning process. All that is needed is a damp cloth to wipe down the surface. For a more detailed clean, the cooktop can be easily removed from the countertop and cleaned thoroughly.

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