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Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Gallery 30″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop

  • May 15, 2019
  • 5 min read
Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Gallery 30″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop

This drop in installation type electric induction cooktop by Frigidaire weighs a total of 41 pounds and has ADA compliant certification. The cooking surface is made stylish with the finish of a black ceramic glass. This way, it is easier to clean after the cooking is done and will look brand new forever. The minimum amperes current required for the product is 40 Amps. The product has a voltage rating of 240 Volts under 60 Hz. The 30 inch induction range has exterior dimensions of 30 ¾” x 21 ½” x 4 ⅜”. The power cord is to be connected in the right rear location. All the controls are present in the center front and are made of glass touch-slew pad. All the four burners are provided with separate controls with indicators as to which one is for which.

Best 30 Inch Induction Cooktop 2018
Commercial use of induction cooktops has been increasing a lot lately. The ease to use an induction stove compared to other types of cooking ranges like electric stoves or gas stoves are beyond comparison. The use of 30 inch induction range cooktops in everyday cooking has become popular for extended families. However, a thorough study is needed before buying the best 30 inch induction cooktop. Many factors have to be considered before buying a 30” induction cooktop. Some of these points are explained below.

Induction Range Needs
This is the first and most important factor of all. Do you really need a 4 burner 30 inch induction cooktop at home? When comparing the buying price of the induction cooktop to other conventional cooking ranges like electrical or gas cooking, the price of a 30” induction range is way higher. Though you can make up for it in cooking costs, this initial price should be spent only if the need for such a cooking range is unavoidable. Also, when comparing the cooking cost make sure that you compare it to other stoves with the same number of burners and cooking time. It would be a right choice if more than 4 people are to be served with meals 3 to 4 times a day. At least 3 out of the 4 burners must have its use during cooking. The 30” induction range will also be of benefit, if it is used for cooking in parties or catering purposes.

The next important thing before buying the 30 inch induction range is its pre-installation works. This can be divided into two sub-categories: electrical installation and product installation. Before bringing the desired product to the kitchen it is important to know the electrical specifications of the induction stove. Place the plug in the right position and make sure that the power cord is long enough to reach the stove. Since, 30” induction cooktops need quite a lot of energy when all the 4 burners are in use, the plug points must need special power connections. This does not mean that the product as a whole is inefficient. The point to be noted is that the power consumed for a 4 burner 30 inch induction cooktop will be almost 4 times more than a single burner induction range. Most if the household electrical appliances will not need a home plug with a specification of more than 10 Amperes. But for this product, plugs with a current rating of 20 Amperes, 32 Amperes, or even 42 Amperes is mandatory. Also, make sure that you get a licensed electrician to do the wiring works. You will get a rough idea on how much the wiring will cost if you get different quotes from different installers. The installation price may be higher if there are complications in installing the dedicated circuit from the mainboard in your house to the plug point in your kitchen.

Installing the 30 inch induction stove on the kitchen countertop is also a strenuous work. Each induction range will have changes in shape and size. Make sure you have an expert to cut out the kitchen countertop according to the product dimensions. The 30” induction cooktop must fit in properly to the space cut for it.

Even though no kind of heat dissipation losses occur while using an induction cooktop, the utensils may produce odors, smokes, and grease depending on the meals you are preparing. By using 4 burners at a time, it may be quite a necessity. According to the budget, you can choose any kind of ventilations like exhaust fans, ventilation hoods, or even range hoods. It is always better to install the ventilation system before installing the cooktop range.

From the above-explained factors, you might have noticed that the initial costs of buying the 30” induction range are quite high. Just buying the product won’t do anything good. You have to plan a perfect place to install and fit in the stove. In addition to this, the electrical installation will also have to be taken care of. Please make sure that you have money to do all these works before buying the cooking range.

With all these points in mind, we are going to give you one of the best 30 inch induction cooktop reviews of all time. We are reviewing seven of the best 30” induction cooktops available in the market today. They are listed according to their increasing price.

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