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April 15, 2024
Kitchen Induction

Does Le Creuset Work On Induction?

  • March 23, 2024
  • 10 min read
Does Le Creuset Work On Induction?

Wonder Does Le Creuset Work On Induction? Here is everything that you need to know about the use and safety.

Le Creuset stockpots are versatile and compatible with all heat sources, including induction cooktops. For optimal and safe boiling, it’s recommended to select a burner that closely matches the diameter of the stockpot’s base.

Induction stoves and hobs have been in the market for quite a while now but still, there’s a lot of confusion about which cookware is safe to be used on induction and which is not. One of the most common questions is does Le Creuset work on inductions? Le Creuset cast iron cookware is among the top favorite cookware of cooking freaks and therefore many people want to use it on their new cooking tops that are induction. If you wonder, if can you use Le Creuset on induction, here is everything that you need to know:

Les clusters are the materials of an heirloom. The Internet is filled with stories about the frying pan my mother gave me or the frying pan I received 20 years. And Lecreuset is the main focus of these stories, cited with pride and an affinity to communion. Yes, Le Creuset pans should function well on induction cooktops. There are also iron plates hidden under these ceramics. Because iron is composed of ferromagnetic, pass directly into it to heat up quickly if necessary.

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Does Le Creuset Work On Induction?

Before we start the discussion, it is important to make it clear that here we are talking about the Le Creuset Cast iron cookware and not about their stoneware ranges. Cast iron is absolutely safe to be used on induction stovetops. In fact, it is one of the best cooking ware choices for induction. Therefore we can use the Le Creuset Cast iron range on the induction. However, there are some safety measures and other considerations that can help us get the best heating and cooking results.

What Is Le Creuset Cookware And What Makes It Induction Compatible?

What Is Le Creuset Cookware And What Makes It Induction Compatible
What Is Le Creuset Cookware And What Makes It Induction Compatible

Le Creuset is premium French cookware known for its durability and colorful enameled saucepans and skillets. They heavily spray their cooking range with enamel which makes them highly resistant to damage. Le Creuset pans or cookware are made with pure cast iron with a ceramic layer on the top.

In order to understand their compatibility with the induction we need to understand how induction works. Induction hobs or stoves use copper coils beneath a ceramic plate. When you turn on the current it generates an electric field around the plate. When you put a pan on the top the circuit is completed and the magnetic field is divided into multiple small currents.

The cookware must contain the ferromagnetic ions to make it a complete circuit. A cast iron pan completes the circuit and allows the current to pass through it and in this way an even and precise amount of heat is transferred to the pan. Since Le Creuset cooking ware is made of cast iron and cast iron is rich in ferromagnetic ions it is one the best choices for induction.

Induction hobs are good to have for almost any dish that contains an iron-containing component. All of the enameled steel, stainless steel, and stiffened stainless steel cookware is compatible with Induction stovetops and our stainless steel enamel cookware.

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How To Use Le Creuset On Induction Pans?

How To Use Le Creuset On Induction Pans
How To Use Le Creuset On Induction Pans

Size Of The Pan

The size of the Le Creuset pan must be equal to or approximately equal to the size of the induction ring on the stovetop. Though the size of the pan matters in gas or electric heating it is a serious concern when we talk about induction heating. If we use a pan smaller in diameter than the induction stovetop, the induction may not get activated.

It is because induction uses sensors to detect the pan on the top. If the pan is too small it may not get signaled and no heat will be generated. If the pan is too big for the stovetop it may not get even heat for all areas. For even heating, it is advised to use the same pan size as the induction top.

Flat Bottom Or Round Bottom

Induction is about transferring heat through a magnetic field so you must use flat-bottomed pans for induction stovetops. Induction works when the pan’s wok ring comes in contact with the round induction plate and the circuit is completed. Round-bottomed skillets lack a wok ring making them non suitable for induction.

Placing The Le Creuset Pan On The Induction

The biggest mistake many people make is that they switch on the induction before they put the pan. For best results, you should put the Le Creuset cookware on the induction before you switch it on the induction. It helps in reducing unnecessary magnetic radiation.

Should I preheat Le Creuset On Induction?

It is absolutely fine to preheat Le Creuest on induction. However, you should avoid quick heating. Initially keep the heat low, and allow the pan to gradually heat up. If you keep the temperature too high it may result in thermal shock as cast iron cannot resist the quick temperature changes. You may also add some oil to the preheating process to reduce the direct impact of heat on enamel.

How To Cook?

Induction stovetops use glass surfaces that are highly prone to damage and breaking. So you must be very careful while using cast iron cooking ware on induction. Do not slide or drag your pan on induction. Sliding can lead to scratches on the glass surface and uneven heat distribution around the pan bottom.

Do not mix the ingredients by shaking and sliding the pan as we do in gas stove tops. Use a spatula or spoon to gently mix the ingredients. Le Creuset pans are quite heavy so you should not thump and place the pans on induction hobs. Gently lift the pan and place it back slowly to avoid damage. Keep the heat medium throughout the cooking process.

Do Le Creuset pans scratch induction hobs?

Do Le Creuset pans scratch induction hobs
Do Le Creuset pans scratch induction hobs

No, Le Creuset kitchenware doesn’t scratch a hob unless you use a flat pan or dish. Using the edge of a bowl or wok can damage an induction stove and the stove will not cool. Always keep cooking equipment on a low heat setting on a stovetop and avoid pulling it out. Keeping pots clean induction ovens and cooktops ensures aesthetic value. Moreover, Induction hobs work well with any pans with a high iron (ferrous metal) content at the base; stainless-steel pans will work on an induction cooking surface if the base of the pan is a magnetic grade of stainless steel.

What are the benefits of induction cooking?

Induction cooking uses 90% of energy and has minimal heat loss. Also, induction cooking can last half as long as the gas and electric stoves…. Magnetic connections make heating easy. It’s also easier to clean. The stove top has an AC temperature that is lower than the stovetop and spills do not burn onto the stove and they are not. Cleaning everything on this stovetop can easily occur with a single thorough wipe. Another advantage of induction is that it does not require cleaning the burner individually. Invest in saving time and reducing waste!

Top 3 Induction Tips

1. Check the sizes. The oven shouldn’t go over Le Creuset pans since it will decrease heating efficiency, and just not work. The pan should be bigger than the hob. For optimal efficiency, match them. 2. Ensure the base touches the stove when using gas. Place the Le Creuset skillet carefully in the cooker, always turning to the left and turning it back to keep the induction surfaces from scratching out. 3. Let the stove heat slowly.

How to tell whether a stainless steel pan will work on an induction cooktop?

Bring a regular refrigerator magnet to its bottom. When the pot has magnets, the magnets are stuck to the pot. When the material isn’t sticking, it won’t work in the induction stove. Almost everything nowadays is marked with induction-friendly labels. There’s either a frying pan or a lid. If your marker has been found it is advisable to do a magnetic test in your refrigerator. Copper, aluminum, and glass can not be used for induction. Also, some steels aren’t magnet and therefore won’t operate on Induction Cooktops. They only have one possibility of making a cooking induction disc underneath them.

How do I identify induction-compatible cookware?

This can easily be determined by using the magnet test mentioned earlier. Cast iron kitchenware ensures safe and reliable operation. Using a little cooking where it’s possible not to feel confident. The standard cooktop tells you what the cooking ware has in the base. Those signs confirm the fact. This is an induction hob symbol.


How do you use Le Creuset on an induction hob?

You should only use Le Creuset cast iron enameled cookware range on the induction hobs. Use a flat bottom Le Creuset Pan having the same diameter as the induction hob. Place the pan on the induction hob and then switch on the induction. Keep the heat low and allow the heated pan to gradually heat up. Keep the temperature medium while cooking.

Why did my Le Creuset crack?

Cast iron cooking ware features cast iron construction with an enamel layer on top. It is prone to cracking when exposed to thermal shock. If you directly place the Le Creuset on high induction heat, a quick temperature change takes place that results in thermal shock and the pan may crack as a result.

Will enameled cast iron work on induction?

In regards to induction cooktops, the answer is yes, enameled cast iron can be used on an induction cooktop. This is because induction cooking uses a magnetic field to heat the pot or pan directly, and enameled cast iron is made of cast iron which is magnetic. This makes enameled cast iron a suitable option for use on induction cooktops.

Wrapping Up

So I can safely conclude that it is absolutely safe to use Le Creuset on induction. I’m hopeful that this guide will help you understand how to use Le Creuset cast iron cookware on the induction safely. By following the above-mentioned guidelines you can get the best cooking roast with Le Creuset cookware and induction stovetops.

More Over Le Creuset is a well-known brand in the cookware industry and is known for its high-quality products. As an expert chef, I can confirm that Le Creuset works on induction cooktops. This is because the brand offers a wide range of cookware with magnetic stainless steel bottoms that make them compatible with induction cooktops. This allows you to enjoy the durability and heat retention that Le Creuset is known for, while also taking advantage of the convenience and energy efficiency of induction cooking. With the ability to work on induction cooktops, Le Creuset offers versatility and convenience for the modern kitchen, making it a popular choice for many home cooks and professional chefs alike.

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