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Pro Induction Cooktop, 1800W Induction Cooker w/ Wide Cookware Compatibility Induction Touch-Control Countertop Burner with Adjustable 8 Power/Temperature Settings

WHY CHOOSE SUPER DEAL INDUCTION COOKTOP: This induction cooktop heats 80% faster than other typical kitchen smoothtop cooker. 1800W high power ensures quick food-making. 8 heating levels (200-1800W) and 8 temperature levels (140°F-460°F) meet different cooking requirements such as steaming, frying, simmering, braising and boiling. Uses up to 90% less energy than traditional gas or electric stoves.
WIDELY COMPATIBLE WITH MOST COOKWARES: This induction cooker suits for STEEL, CAST IRON, ENAMELED IRON, STAINLESS STEEL, FLAT-BOTTOMED SKILLETS/POTS with diameter ranging from 5.5 to 8.2 inch. 15 x 12.2 inch cooking zone offers a large and uniformly-heated area.
HOW IT WORKS: Our Induction cooking works through a magnetic field between the induction coils beneath the glass top and the ferrous (iron-containing) material in the cookware. It has ten heat settings, allowing for precision and flexibility in cooking performance. It heats only the diameter of the pan, so there’s less wasted energy and heating begins instantly for fast cook times.
100% SAFE TO USE: Uses no flame or heating coils to reduce the risk of fire. Induction technology quickly heats up and immediately cools the surface upon cookware removal with an auto shut-off function. The attached magnetic strip checks the inductive property of cookware to avoid misuse dangers. Intelligent timer setting automatically let this induction countertop burner off.
LOW MAINTENANCE & PORTABLE : Equipped with large cooling fan, the induction cooker dissipates heat soon during working, low frequency fan reduces the noise. SUPER DEAL Induction cooktop is incredibly handy and versatile, it is the best size for home kitchen, small apartments, garden, RV … anywhere you need an additional cooktop.