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Bosch 500 vs 800 Gas Cooktops

Read a brief comparison of Bosch 500 vs 800 gas cooktops to have a good cooking experience when in the kitchen.

Are you planning to invest in a new gas cooktop for your kitchen? If yes, then I got you covered in my today’s article. All the cooktops by Bosch have good quality and ensure equal heat distribution. These are easy to use and improve your cooking experience.

After trying out these cooktops myself for two years, I can draw a comparison. Go to the article on Bosch 500 vs. 800 below to select a good cooktop for your kitchen. They have high quality and help you cook different meals easily.

Bosch 500 vs. 800 Gas Cooktop

Gas cooktops are very convenient to use. Even though induction cooktops are now available, people still prefer them because they are easy to use. They are a staple in the kitchen and have an easy installation. If you are on the hunt for a good quality gas cooktop, you can dive into the comparison that is done below.

The article will help you find the best cooktop for your kitchen. You can find the difference and similarities between the Bosch 500 and 800 gas cooktop before spending your money. Purchase the one that can fulfill all the requirements in your kitchen. Without further ado, read the given comparison.

Bosch 500 Series Gas Cooktops

The Bosch 500 series gas cooktops are a great option for people who need 4 or 5 burners in their cooktops. This series gives two options to the customers so they can invest in the top that meets all their requirements. Although these do not have a wok burner, they can provide high flames when cooking food.

The 500 series cooktop uses natural gas to function. No other source is used for heat production when cooking food. These cooktops by Bosch lack the Home Connect feature and can use liquid gas when no natural gas is available. One of the best features of these 500 series is that they can easily be connected with multiple pans.

These cooktops can be cleaned easily because they have a very simple design. The only disadvantage I think these cooking tops have is that they are made of stainless steel. They have the original color and have no other options. This can be extremely disappointing for people who want a cooktop that matches the interior of their kitchens.

When it comes to design, these series have an OptiSim burner design that helps you cook anything on the burners. You can use small or big pans without worrying about heat distribution. This design ensures the heat is distributed equally when cooking food. You get better flame control, making these cooktops ideal for simmering sauces or making pasta.

The Bosch 500 series gas cooktops have no frame design. Different pots made with cast iron can be used to make tea or cook food. The installation process is pretty simple, and they have long power cords so that you can make connections easily. The price of the 4 and 5-burner cooktops varies because of the size difference.

Bosch 800 Series Gas Cooktops

The Bosch 800 series gas cooktops are more advanced than the 500 series. They come with LED indicators that tell if the burner is on. This feature is great for the safety of the person cooking food. These cooktops have two color options but come with 5 burners only. You can get a stainless steel and black cooktop in the 800 series.

This is great because some people do not like using stainless steel cooktops. Like the 500 series, these also come with the OptiSim burner. They ensure the heat is distributed equally, and you get full control of the flame when cooking different types of food. The price range for each of these cooktops will vary according to the features they have.

There is a slight change in the design as well. Some are big and have more space on the burners, while the rest are smaller. The knobs of the Bosch 800 cooktops are sleek and have LED indicators. The FlameSelect technology provides 9 levels of flame power and consistency. This feature is not present in the 500 series, making it less convenient.

The good thing about these cooktops is that they are dishwasher friendly. Let the grates cool down for a few minutes, and put them into the dishwasher immediately. They use Dual Flame technology to help you finish cooking quickly. Hence, the features and the design of the 800 series are better and help you work easily.

Bosch 800 vs. 500 Gas Cooktops

After reading the details above, you now have an idea about each of these cooktops. They are powered by natural gas and do not have a wok burner. When it comes to design and price, it varies for each of these series. Price fluctuation can be seen between the designs of the same cooktop series. The 800 series has LED indicators, while the 500 series lack them.

The design of the 500 series is smaller but provides two options when it comes to burners. Depending on your requirement, you can choose between a 4 or 5-burner cooktop. Moreover, all the cooktops in the 800 series use the Dual Flame technology that ensures consistency and equal heat distribution. The installation process is pretty simple for both Bosch gas cooktops.

Both 500 and 800 cooktops use the OptiSim technology. They are easy to clean and maintain, but 800 cooktop grates are dishwasher friendly. This gives them an upper hand when it comes to convenience and maintenance. The features in the 800 gas cooktop series are more advanced, and you get two color options too. Hence you can go through the technical overview and invest in the cooktop you want in your kitchen.


Is Bosch a good brand of cooktop?

Yes, Bosch is a good brand that manufactures high-quality cooktops. These can either be gas or induction cooktops. You can invest in any one of them, depending on your preference.

How long do Bosch cooktops last?

The Bosch cooktops can last for at least two decades. You can use them continuously but should take care when it comes to cleanliness.

Where is the Bosch cooktop made?

The Bosch cooktops are manufactured in Germany. Depending on your liking and the kitchen’s interior, you can get them in stainless steel or black steel.


For your guidance, a brief comparison of Bosch 800 vs. 500 gas cooktops is made. You can go through the details before investing in these cooktops. The design and the power source are the same for both series, but some differences can be noticed. I prefer buying Bosch 800 series gas cooktops because they have LED indicators. Moreover, they use the Dual Flame technology and have color options. I hope you can decide for yourself after going through the comparison above. 

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